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About Us


Our Mission

Twilit Media crafts informative, inspirational, and laugh-out-loud content for global audiences. Disparate truths are woven, dots are connected, and universally understood stories of love, hardship, and a relentless quest toward progress -- and at times, perfection -- are shared through Twilit's print, film, and sound programming.

Our Vision

The unifying force behind Twilit Media's vision is laced with an intimate understanding of past, present, and future: the ideal.


Your world looks a lot like ours. How can we be better?


At Twilit, giving back is an imperative. Hosting one sensationally dizzying night of Los Angeles' tastiest indulgences, we will be teaming up with a curated lineup of California's brightest food truck purveyors this coming November, 2023.


The cause: LA County food deserts

Join us for this year's Un Petít Food and Beverage Festival by visiting our event page.

Upcoming Feature Films



Romantic Comedy set in Chicago, Illinois. Currently in pre-production with production to begin in December 2023.

Role Reversal

Drama set in Los Angeles,
California. Script locked and pre-production begins June 2023. Anticipated production begins in June 2024.

Operation Lily Girl

Action film set in small country town of Ames, Oklahoma. The script is undergoing re-writes.

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